How the Names Work

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How the Names Work

Post  Swiftpaw on Thu Jul 12, 2012 4:49 am

How to play:
The game is roleplay. You pretend to live like a wolf, hunting, supporting your pack, and bringing up pups. You can chose the first part of your name, but the second part of your name depends on your rank.

The alpha has the last name of 'paw', eg. swift+paw= swiftpaw (that's me)
The delta has the last name of 'claw', eg. blue+claw= blueclaw
The warriors have the last name of 'fang', eg. ice+fang= icefang
The hunters have the last name of 'pelt', eg. earth+pelt=earthpelt
The scouts have the last name of 'tail', eg. pine+tail=pinetail
The minders (they watch over the pups) have the last name of 'fur', eg. flame+fur=flamefur
The pups have the last name of 'pup', eg. rain+pup=rainpup

Note: when you sign up, you can't just give yourself a high-ranking name. This is classified as cheating. First you must enter the game as a pup or a grown wolf, without any last title. I will have a look at your entry form (you submit this before you sign up) and try to give you you're preferred rank. DO NOT ask for an alpha or delta rank. These will be given to deserving players.

Thankyou Very Happy Swiftpaw


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