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Example Sign Up Form

Post  Swiftpaw on Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:30 am

This is an example of a sign up form. Before you are an authourised member, you must submit one of these. This is my form and as a result some answers are unavailable to you.
Name: Swift (only the first part of your name is nessesary. The other part of your name is determined by your rank.
Rank Wanted: Alpha ( in your case you CANNOT ask to be alpha.)
Pack Wanted: Moon Pack ( in your case the choice will be out of Mountain Pack, Snow Pack and Desert Pack ONLY)
Eye Colour: Golden
Pelt Colour: White
Personality: Fierce, caring, protective, kind, loyal to her pack.
Age: 6 winters

Please remember to submit your forms. Thanks, Swiftpaw Very Happy


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