The Packs

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The Packs

Post  Swiftpaw on Fri Jul 13, 2012 4:22 am

The Packs
There are 4 packs total on the game. The 3 mortal packs, Mountain Pack, Snow Pack and Dessert Pack, are the packs you can ask to join on your sign up form (see sign ups) These packs each have 1 alpha(leader) and his/her mate, 1 delta (deputy) and his/her mate, and any number of scouts, hunters, warriors, minders and pups.

The Divine Pack
There is also Moon Pack. This is my pack. Moon Pack is an immortal pack, and the ruler of the rest. I, Swiftpaw, am the alpha female of this pack. You cannot ask to join this pack on your sign up form. The only way you can join is to be asked by me or my delta. If you are a good and helpful player, no matter what your rank, you may be asked to join Moon Pack.

Occasionally wars break out among the packs. These can start if members of a pack stray into another packs' territory, if members of different packs argue, and if pack members attack one another. Moon Pack does not take part in any of these wars. A declaration of war is issued by the alpha to the enemy pack to begin the war. If they accept, the war begins. Note: Your wolf CAN die in these wars. If you were a honourable wolf in life, in up to 3 days after your death, you may be invited to live again in Moon Pack. If your wolf dies and you are not accepted into Moon Pack , you may make a new account. Only scouts, hunters, warriors, deltas and alphas may fight in the war.

Breeding Amongst The Packs
You may only breed with a wolf from your own pack.

Please read about all the elements of the game including sign ups!
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